Juan J. Ápiz Saab

About me: Got my BSA in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico and I’m now pursuing a PhD in Cancer Biology.

Science interests: How the extra cellular micro-environment and cell-cell interactions affect tumor cell metabolism and survival.

Contact: japizsaab [] uchicago.edu

Guillaume Cognet, PhD

About me: Hey everyone! I’m originally from Lyon, France and I did my PhD in Toulouse on acute myeloid leukemia. You’ll know I’m in the lab if you can hear music in one of the rooms! I’m always looking for a place to hike and a mountain to climb, but when I’m in Chicago, I really enjoy grabbing a drink out in the sun and go to a concert! Science interests: I’m currently working on how nutrients can drive chemoresistance in PDAC but I’m interested in all interactions tumor cells can have with their environment and how their metabolism reflects that. Also, I’m interested in how tumor cells metastasize and what metabolic demands they have to meet in order to disseminate.

Contact: cognetg [] uchicago.edu

Grace Croley

About me: Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, I graduated from UChicago in 2020 with a BA in Biology and now work as the Muir lab’s research technician. I am grateful for this great scientific training before I head off to medical school next fall! In my free time, I like to read and hang out with my cat Chicken, who was named independently of Soup (see below.)

Scientific interests: How the microenvironment drives cell and tissue physiology and, specifically, how an altered tumor microenvironment creates therapeutically targetable vulnerabilities. Also, metabolites as signaling molecules!

Contact: gcroley [] uchicago.edu

Lyndon Hu

About me: I am a pre-med at the college on pursuing a specialization on cancer biology. Outside of lab and classes, I love snowboarding and playing, watching, or talking soccer.

Science interests: Connections between nutrients and metabolism both in context of the cancer cell behavior and in regards to general health. Also, how the powerhouse of the cell is more than just a energy generator.

Contact: lhu25 [] uchicago.edu

Patrick Jonker

Hey team! I’m a PhD student in the CCB, originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I did my undergraduate degree in biochemistry at Calvin College (now it’s a University… but I refuse to adapt). In my free time I like to play the cello and guitar, listen to music, read (a little!), run (less than Colin!), and spend time in nature. Some fun facts about me: I love dogs and cats equally; I have read Harry Potter three times (I’m a proud Hufflepuff); my cat’s name is Soup.

Science interests: I’m interested in the way immune populations are affected by tumor microenvironmental nutrient stress. I’m particularly interested in tumor associated macrophages in pancreatic cancer. What causes macrophages to trend towards helping cancer cells in the tumor microenvironment rather than killing them? I’m otherwise interested in how the various cell types in the tumor microenvironment talk to each other. How do they each support each other’s proliferation and survival?

Contact: pbjonker [] uchicago.edu

Alex Muir, PhD

About me: Hey there! Originally from Arizona, completed my graduate work at UC Berkeley and postdoctoral training at MIT.

Science interests: All the projects in the lab. Also, the vault. What does it do?

Contact: amuir [] uchicago.edu

Colin Sheehan

About me: Born in the Chicago suburbs & received my BS in biological sciences from Notre Dame. Currently, I’m a graduate student with the committee on cancer biology. In my free time, you’ll catch me running up & down the Chicago lakefront trail!

Science interests: I am most interested in understanding how solid tumor cells solve bioenergetic & other metabolic problems, created by stressors inherent in the tumor microenvironment. I’m also fascinated by intercellular communication, and how different cell types coordinate to support cancer cell proliferation.

Contact: csheehan3 [] uchicago.edu

Violet Wu

About me: Recently graduated from the University of Chicago with a BS in Biological Sciences. Soon-to-be cancer biology graduate student at Northwestern Feinberg.

Science Interest: Currently working on the lipid project in the lab, investigating how nutrient stress in the tumor microenvironment leads to downregulation of lipid synthesis in pancreatic cancer. I’m also interested in how microenvironmental nutrients affect tumor cell metastasis.

Contact: xiyanwu [] uchicago.edu

Former Lab Members:

* Riona Chen
* Lindsey Dzierozynski (Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins)* Hannah Fretzin
* James Martin (Scientist, Evozyne)
* Moses Oh (Postbaccalaureate Fellow, Rockefeller University)
* Zhou Zhu (Medical Student, Peking Union Medical College)