Alex Muir, PhD

About me: Hey there! Originally from Arizona, completed my graduate work at UC Berkeley and postdoctoral training at MIT.

Science interests: All the projects in the lab. Also, the vault. What does it do?


Juan J. Ápiz Saab

About me: Got my BSA in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico and I’m now pursuing a PhD in Cancer Biology.

Science interests: How the extra cellular micro-environment and cell-cell interactions affect tumor cell metabolism and survival.


Lindsey Dzierozynski

About me: Hello!  I’m a long time Chicago Surburbanite currently working as the Muir Lab laboratory technician.  I spent four years in the corn fields of Urbana-Champaign’s University of Illinois where I received my BS in Biochemistry. I am currently loving my research work and plan to pursue Higher Education in the future.

Science interests: I have always been very passionate about how living (and non-living) organisms learn to adapt to dynamic environments. Even at the molecular level, cancer cells, viruses, and bacteria alter their metabolic networks to survive. For example, in the 1950’s a lethal rabbit virus known as Myoxma Virus was introduced into Australia as means to deplete numbers of a non-native, invasive species of rabbit. Instead of controlling the population, the rabbits became resistant to the virus. These passions fuel my excitement to now be studying the tumor micro-environment and how it influences cancer cell metabolism survival.    


Moses Oh

About me: Hi! I am currently a third-year undergraduate at the University of Chicago. I am pursuing a B.S. in Biological Sciences and a specialization in Immunology.

Science interests: I am interested in cancer research, and the different ways we can treat tumors more effectively. In particular, I am fascinated by the altered metabolism and microenvironment of cancer cells compared to healthy cells, what that means for how we look at cancer and how we would go forward in treating them. Another broad area of interest is how metabolism can affect the relationship between the immune system and cancer cells, specifically, how we could exploit this for treatment.    


Riona Chen

About me: Second year majoring in psychology at the university of Chicago. Also pre-med.

Science interests: If and how Ass1 plays a significant role in providing arginine for PDAC cells in a nutrient deprived microenvironment.