Alex Muir, PhD

About me: Hey there! Originally from Arizona, completed my graduate work at UC Berkeley and postdoctoral training at MIT.

Science interests: All the projects in the lab. Also, the vault. What does it do?


Juan J. Ápiz Saab

About me: Got my BSA in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico and I’m now pursuing a PhD in Cancer Biology.

Science interests: How the extra cellular micro-environment and cell-cell interactions affect tumor cell metabolism and survival.


Lindsey Dzierozynski

About me: Hello!  I’m a long time Chicago Surburbanite currently working as the Muir Lab laboratory technician.  I spent four years in the corn fields of Urbana-Champaign’s University of Illinois where I received my BS in Biochemistry. I am currently loving my research work and plan to pursue Higher Education in the future.

Science interests: I have always been very passionate about how living (and non-living) organisms learn to adapt to dynamic environments. Even at the molecular level, cancer cells, viruses, and bacteria alter their metabolic networks to survive. For example, in the 1950’s a lethal rabbit virus known as Myoxma Virus was introduced into Australia as means to deplete numbers of a non-native, invasive species of rabbit. Instead of controlling the population, the rabbits became resistant to the virus. These passions fuel my excitement to now be studying the tumor micro-environment and how it influences cancer cell metabolism survival.